La vida no es más que un interminable ensayo de una obra que jamás se estrenará.

sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Hello!We're friends, we're friends, yes sir I am me, she is she Except when we pretend be princess. And when we switch You can't tell which is which You don't know who you're talking to'cause we're identical, 'dentical, 'dentical, identical friends!We look so differet But we are not different I like movies, she likes movies, i laught she laughts We're totally, totallyDifferent, different Identical fiends!We read different stories We watch different shows In our slightly different colored hair We wear different bows We dance to different music We laugh at different jokes Gosh, goshIt's like we're...two different folksThough we appear alike We're nowhere near alike She's sweet...she's sassyWhat's that mean? You're bossy Says's trueIs not!...Is too!We're totally, totallyDifferent, differentIdentical friends!I am not a xeroxI am not a cloneA duplicate, a copycatA second scoop...on the ice cream coneFriends, pals, partners, chums But we're marching to different drums We look so different we are not different...two, totally...totally, utterly...utterlyOpposite...opposite, totally...totally, different...differentIdentical friends !friends, friends...etc.identical friends. Two...two, totally...opposite, utterly...differentOpposite...utterly, totally...opposite, different...totally Identical friends Identical friends!Deedle-leedle-lee, dum!

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